Squiddle village March mini skein bundle - super scoop
Squiddle village March mini skein bundle - super scoop

Squiddle village March mini skein bundle - super scoop

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Squiddle Village mini skein bundle - super scoop

 Welcome to the third chapter of our brand new and exciting yarn club. In March we call in at the Village shop run by Mark and Tracy. Mark is quite the character and a very popular member of the village, always willing to give a helping hand, well known in the Three ships Inn as part of the darts team, Mark cannot say no to a good deal!! His recent acquisition for the shop is an ice cream machine he affectionately calls super scoop. 3 flavours of ice scream and alllll the toppings at you disposal!! 


Squiddle Village is a quintessential English Village; stone cottages with thatched roofs and cottage gardens surround the village green and duck pond. The three ships Inn pub is at the heart of the community and hub for all the gossip!

Join us throughout 2022 as we get to know all the residents of the village, there will be so many shenanigans involving the WI and the allotment society of course.

Having learnt so much from the success of the Rainbow chronicles our 2021 yarn club we have decided to run this club similarly; we will always show you all the yarn for that months club upfront, we will have ready to ship yarns and pre-orders available. Pre- orders will stay open for one week allowing everybody regardless of time zones to be able to join in with the club without worrying about things selling out.

As the months evolve our aim to is meet demand with ready to ship yarns and less so on pre-orders, again we managed this successfully through 2021.


75% superwash merino

25% nylon

5 x 20g 85m each


This yarn is an ideal yarn for all your projects, the nylon adds strength making it perfect for socks yet it is beautifully soft for shawls and garments.



Super wash yarn is machine washable on a cool wash, however I always wash my hand knits by hand and would always recommend doing so. 

Every effort has been made to exhaust the dye bath and rinse the yarn thoroughly, however minimal bleeding may occur on the first wash. 

All yarn is dyed by hand using professional acid dye, whilst my colourways are repeatable no two skeins will be identical and I therefore recommend buying all the yarn you require for your project together.



My home and dye studio are smoke free.