Layfamilyyarn 2021 advent calendar, rainbow wonderland DK

Layfamilyyarn 2021 advent calendar, rainbow wonderland DK

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Layfamilyyarn 2021 advent calendar Rainbow wonderland

Thank you for taking a look at our 2021 advent calendar listing, we truly appreciate that buying an advent calendar is not only a financial commitment but one of trust. Nick and I are committed as always to ensuring our advent calendars showcase the very best of Layfamilyyarn.ย 

This year our advent calendar will have a narrative which will unfold each day; the story goes.......

"Our little poodle Geoff loves nothing more than jumping; one day he was in the garden playing on his pogo stick when he jumped so high he bounced way up into the clouds landing gently on a rainbow"
Join Geoff on his adventures as he explores this magical enchanting world that so few people get to see. He will introduce you to all the people he meets living in among the clouds and rainbows
This whimsical playful calendar will be full of colour and charm. The yarns will be dyed in a cohesive style to ensure they all work together in any of the stunning advent patterns that are available. The dye style will be a mix of verigated, tonal and speckled yarns and as always will feature 24 brand new colourways.

Each character you meet will be introduced to you within your individually wrapped package as well as on youtube as part of our vlogmas series.
This is not part of the #rainbowyarnchronicles it is a stand alone product but to Nick and I it felt like a great final chaper to an amazing rainbow filled year

You will receive:

24 individually wrapped 20g mini skeins

A sprinkle of treats along the way including our handmade candles


Yarn base

75% superwash merino

25% nylon

20g 42m

This yarn base is next to skin soft making it ideal for any of your knitting, crochet or weaving projects.ย 

๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆplease note shipping has been calculated to include the price increase that Royal Mail make each year and will ship by end of October. Advent calendars are non refundable. ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ