New Colours and clubs

Hello and thank you for stopping by to read this, my first ever attempt at writing a blog. Since the New Year I have found it hard to get back into the swing of things, I think partly to do with stresses of moving and relocating and partly due to taking 3 weeks off work!! 

I have spent some time reflecting (I absolutely don’t do resolutions) on how I can create some time for myself to spend doing my creative crafts without it feeling like ‘work’

I know I am incredibly lucky to be able to call dyeing yarn my job and I have never been happier..... here comes the but....but I have also never worked more hours a day and week, never been so invested in work or put so  much of myself out there as I do now; there is something incredibly comforting about clocking off, saying goodbye to colleagues and going home!

Time is the commodity I assume we all probably want more of and for me this is time to sit and knit and enjoy a podcast or two without feeling guilty or worrying about stuff I should be doing. The answer for me has been quite simple; TURN OFF THE PHONE!! 

I have started well, from 7:30pm the phone (which is essentially my office) goes off, well maybe not off if Megan is out but no emails get answered and Instagram is out of bounds😱 From 8pm -10pm these are my power hours, flipping heck it’s amazing what I can do when I TURN THE PHONE OFF!! 

 Social media (Instagram) is a great place for me and a place where I have met and made friends who are now my real life best friends and I am incredibly grateful, however it can also be a cause of stress and self doubt.

So often that 3inch Instagram square can portray an unachievable, unobtainable image; in a similar way to celebrities airbrushing photos. I am in no way suggesting I am stepping back from social media because I am not, I love it. I am however going to explore new ways of connecting and communicating with you about our shared love of yarn and fibre related crafts, starting with this blog....who knows maybe one day a podcast!🤣

For now the intention of this blog will be to keep you posted on what is going to be coming to the shop in the following update and any dates for your diary with regards to clubs etc. But who knows where we will go......

25th Jan:- shop update including the launch of our Harry Potter yarns.

1st Feb:- Layfamilyyarn and friends club featuring the one and only Kay from the Bakery Bears goes live at 10am GMT

1st Feb:- Branches and Buds scrappy sock club and Yarn clubs go live at 10am GMT 


Lots of love K x


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